Ultra Microsilica

Ultra Microsilica

Ultra Micro Silica is composed of silicon dioxide (Si02), collected from silicon metal and ferrosilicon. Ultra Micro Silica will react with the Calcium Hydroxide from the cement, which will form more of the Calcium Silicate hydrate, increasing the strength of the concrete. Using Ultra Micro Silica will also increase the durability of the concrete.


Ultra Micro Silica a Dark gray Powder
Shelf life:- 1 Year

Physical and Chemical properties

Appearance : dark gray Powder
Colour : dark Gray


Key Benefits

Typical Applications

Typical Applications

Component (% by Weight)Silicon metal production
Sio285% – 90%
CI0.09 -0.2%
Available Alkalis0.5 -1.5%
Loss on Ignition2.0 -4.0%
Moisture Content0.1-0.35%
Particle Size0.03 – 0.15 microns
Retained on 325 Sieve (45 micron)04-10%
Surface area (BET method)15-28 m2/g
Dry bulk density (densified)500 – 650 kg/m3


Ultra Micro Silica should be stored at room temperature (min 10°C and max 35°C), kept dry and out of direct sunlight. If these conditions are maintained and the product packaging is unopened, then a shelf life of 1 year can be expected.

Application Guidelines

Dosage can be adjusted to meet various mix design requirements or to specific job site conditions. Trial concrete or grout mixes  must be carried out to determine  the appropriate dosage.

Typical dosage is between 5% and 15% of cementitious powder content.

Health & Safety

Ultra Micro Silica should only be used as directed. We always recommend that the Safety data sheet is carefully read prior to application of the material. Our recommendations for protective equipment should be strictly adhered to for your personal protection. The Safety data sheet is available upon request from your local HOWTPL representative.